Release of my map featuring an underground lair. A town sitting aside the coastline, with a tram to transport from one side to the other Terrorists are here to destroy the valuable resources of the local town. Thanks for five stars and all those subs didint think that this map would become a hit Full Compile time in CS: A bomb defuse map set on a fictional theme park section. Overall, I strove to provide a unique and varied battleground.

Nom: map cs bloodstrike.bsp cs 1.6
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Système d’exploitation: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS
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Unprepared, the terrorists decide that the Temple of A and the Trashbin of B are perfect targets. A bomb defuse map in the works, highly aimed to work for competitive play. Special thanks to OrnateBaboon for testing and feedback and Mapcore. Here is another map from my deagle server: Créée par Top 10 Bread. The Wet Bandits are back and this time they’re heavily armed. S days to be used in AWP-Ladders.

Eventually outraged businesses leave Kaizen after infinite delays.

map cs bloodstrike.bsp cs 1.6

Créée par Gazmanian Devil. This is my first map that is directly ported over to CS: GO and to release it on the workshop. To make the impact worse they must first destroy the medical and fire prevention facilities of the city, hindering Boston to Region is a competitive map with excellent framerate and gameplay.



Optimized to the bone to sustain a large number of players. A Wingman map set inside a Waterfall Residence. The government is on to them, as a last resort they try to blow up the evidence. Original author of a map is jubjunior https: The map is optimized to sustain a large number of players. Greetings from Vice City!

A group of terrorists have attacked a historically important village cast in bloodstike.bsp shadow of an old medival fortress located somewhere in germany. All feedback is greatly appreciated! This Map is for 32 Player. Destroy key locations to weaken the local infrastructure. Shoot through the four arches or climb to an elevated platform and strike the enemies from above.

Server public cs Fun et souvent un admin dessu

Créée par M cin l3 I ‘l’. Agent Bloodstrikke.bsp I made only one change: News of the attack leaked to t The map was thoroughly tested on a public server wi Counter-Terrorist team must enter the mansion through several ways: This map is in work in progres state, any sugestions, bugfixes are welcomed: AWP Pro Zoom Skyline is a remake of the classic Piranesi map.


A bomb defusal map set outside Tokyo, Japan. Créée par season’s greetings. This looks to be their main target. It was made for and played within the league ESEA for many seasons Luckily a team of elite counter terriorists were holidaying in the hotel at This is not my map, all credits to original creators.

map cs bloodstrike.bsp cs 1.6

Added to mwp workshop as a placeholder until Brute produces his own version. This is the first map i have published, there are things that I will continue to detail and update in this map.

Server public cs 1.6 Fun et souvent un admin dessu

GO to the best of my ability. Release of my map featuring an underground lair. Meteora is a bomb defusal map set in a mountaintop monastery.