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Founded in 1964, Penn Color develops and manufactures the most diverse product line of color concentrates, masterbatches, and pigment dispersions of any colorant company in the world.

For nearly fifty years, Penn Color has maintained a commitment to meet or exceed the expectations of our customers, and has expanded and diversified to develop innovative solutions for industries using colorant and additive functional materials.

Penn Color is a privately held company with manufacturing facilities in the U.S., Europe, India and sales offices in Asia. Penn Color provides manufacturing continuity designed to meet your specific requirements on a timely basis.

Privately held with a workforce of 600 dedicated employees spread across North America, Europe, and Asia, Penn Color is committed to a leadership position in the global color industry and in the many markets that we serve. Through carefully planned diversification, Penn Color can address constantly changing industry requirements for new, fully customized products and solutions.

Penn Color is committed to your success through consistent color performance, adaptability, flexibility and customization.

We don't have to forget about the problems relating to the cleaning of the plastic processing equipment, including extruders, shooting pots and hot running channels. For the sake of cleaning the main equipment we are ready to offer and supply special purging additives - Ultra Purge of Italian company MPI Srl . 

With production facilities in Italy, USA and Mexico, Moulds Plus International currently services the European, North American, South American, African and Asian markets. Since 1998, Moulds Plus International has manufactured and produced Ultra Purge purging compound.

In 2004, Moulds Plus International incorporated in the U.S. and opened a new production facility to better service the North and South American plastics market. Our plastics engineers, operating from our onsite laboratories, are dedicated to continuous research/product development and the manufacturing of high-quality Ultra Purge products. We constantly test and refine the Ultra Purge cleaning compound.

In partnership with major plastic resin, colorant, and machinery producers around the world, we strive to provide effective purging compounds to meet our client's unique needs. Our mission is to be the leading supplier of the most easy-to-use, effective and eco-friendly purging compound in the plastics industry. At Moulds Plus, we strongly believe in building close, lasting relationships with our clients because our reputation is built on providing quality products, impeccable customer service and competitive pricing.

Moulds Plus specialize in these industries:

  • PET preform production
  • Caps/closures
  • Automotive plastic parts
  • Plastic medical parts
  • Packaging
  • House wares

Our company represented ReverteTM Oxo-biodegradable masterbatches of Wells Plastics Limited company. Wells Plastics Ltd is leading the field with their ReverteTM range Oxo-biodegradable additives specifically designed for polyolefins.

ReverteTM is a masterbatch which when added at the processing stage to Polyethylene or Polypropylene, at an addition rate of only 1% by weight, will make ordinary polyolefins ultimately biodegradable. Wells Plastics is a specialist additive masterbatch company based in the heart of the United Kingdom.


Wells Plastics has been involved in antimicrobial masterbatches for many years and has an unsurpassed wealth of technical experience and results in this field.

After winning the Lord Stafford Award in 2000 for innovation within the field of antimicrobials, Wells Plastics has developed worldwide sales and applications.

Bactiglas technology is being successfully used in medical, healthcare and white goods applications with and has FDA, EPA and EFSA food contact registration and approvals.

Frequently our Partners require a complex service including dosing and mixing equipment for the colourants and additives to be added into the virgin raw material.

ComiPack Ltd promote and sale dosing units of Movacolor B.V. company and premixers in order to assure homogenous distribution of the added materials. Beyond that we offer maintenance services and technical support.

Service Centre of Movacolor consulting , on-line technical support ТеL.: + 7(495) 589-05-93

Unique colourants for different polymers of Karl Finke GmbH & Co. KG company.oday, with its range of high-class pigment preparations for coloring of plastics and its state-of-the-art equipment, Finke is considered as a pacemaker for innovative ideas and a pathfinder for the advance into different market segments and applications. Our range of high-quality products FIBAPLAST, WUBALEN and FIBASOL

Karl Finke GmbH & Co. KG, which has its headquarters in Wuppertal is an independent company which maintains distribution bases in a number of countries and exports its products around the globe.

Today, with its range of high-class pigment preparations for coloring of plastics and its state-of-the-art equipment, Finke is considered as a pacemaker for innovative ideas and a pathfinder for the advance into different market segments and applications.

Our range of high-quality products FIBAPLAST, WUBALEN and FIBASOL, the support of tailor made products from the ready-to-business stage to regular production, technical and color support on-site and comprehensive analysis represent a consistent strategy which benefits over 2,000 domestic and foreign customers.

Product groups


Additives [ 340 ]
Additives auxiliary [ 256 ]
Colorants additives [ 412 ]
Additives accelerating and slowing [ 140 ]
Adhesives and glues [ 74 ]
Coating compounds [ 121 ]
Thermosets [ 241 ]
Thermoplastics polyvinyl [ 286 ]
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