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Tools Factory Sp.J.

str. Zurawia 92, Stefanowka,
, Poland, 05-462

Phone: +48 22 789 01 88
Fax: +48 22 789 07 18
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Tools Factory Sp.J.

Company TOOLS FACTORY is a manufacturer of plastics processing equipment such as:

  • Plastic sheet thermoforming systems, 
  • Standard thermoforming machines, 
  • Thermoforming machines with automatic plastics roll feed,
  • Thermoforming machines with automatic feeding system, 
  • CNC milling machines.

The machines for vacuum forming and cutting are producing in various versions and dimensions. We are able to satisfy your individual needs. Tools Factory is a producer of vacuum forming machines for plastics such as PMMA, ABS, HIPS, PVC, PET, PE, PP, etc. We specialize in production of thermoforming machines which allow both different forming sizes and different stamping depths. 

Our machines come in many versions, offering different options: selectable number of heating zones, top stamp option, or double-side heating option. We also produce machines with the option of blow moulding which allows the formation of complex and irregular shapes (e.g. acrylic baths). Our clients include companies from the advertising, automotive, sanitary, and other sectors.
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