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17.10.2017 PPS: new RadiciGroup engineering plastics
09.10.2017 Bass notes meet sound absorbers
18.08.2017 SDTC Funds GreenMantra for Converting Waste PS into Valuable Styrenic Polymers
04.08.2017 A Super-Giant will Merge by Cooperation of Two Material Giants
31.07.2017 Surface finishing for Thermomix: PLEXIGLAS® molding compounds combine design with functionality
25.07.2017 Lower emissions in car interiors with improved BASF polyether polyols
05.06.2017 Polymer additives specialist Addivant tackles VOC
01.06.2017 SABIC Extends Impact Copolymers Range with Phthalate-free PP for Rigid Packaging
14.04.2011 Teknor Apex : ultra-soft medalist elastomer Is fully compliant for medical uses
22.03.2011 Cabot plans major global expansion of carbon black manufacturing
03.03.2011 Teknor Apex : new wire compound in Medalist medical elastomer range
02.03.2011 Borealis upgrades performance of polyethylene for gas pipes
02.03.2011 Ferro launches non-phthalate plasticizer technology
28.02.2011 Baerlocher Italia S.p.A recommences manufacturing of Liquid mixed metal and Tin stabilizers
28.09.2010 LyondellBasell expands process and product performance of spherizone polypropylene technology plant in Italy
24.09.2010 Borealis launches BorLite innovation for flexible packaging
22.09.2010 Turnkey plant for biodegradable plastics compounding
22.09.2010 Dow Launches VORAFORCE™ Composite Systems – New Powerful Solutions for Demanding Needs
21.09.2010 Ticona launches Vectra® TREX ™ - first LCP designed for extrusion and thermoforming
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