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BIEGLO supports the shift to a circular economy

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The sustainable usage of thermoplastics is a necessity for the circular economy and an opportunity for technical and high performance plastics alike. BIEGLO as a distributor of polymers supports that shift by broadening her portfolio for recycled polymers and by tackling the upcoming obstacles together with her clients and suppliers.

Recycling of the high performance polymer PEEK creates not only an economic and environmental advantage but furthermore fosters technical development. It enables the usage of PEEK for
applications where it was not considered before due to high cost of virgin resins. BIEGLO offers a variety of PEEK-products. The sale of virgin and recycled PEEK as well as consultancy-services concerning the handling of PEEK residues and its re-circulation.

The recycled PET-compounds, VYPET, from LAVERGNE (Canada) are another part of BIEGLO growing
portfolio of sustainable plastics. VYPET has proven for years in the automotive industry that there are profits from cost- and quality-benefits, because VYPET surpasses the properties of virgin materials in terms of heat-aging, di-electric and hydrolytic properties. The usage of recycled polymers becomes an overall beneficial experiencefor the environment and for the companies involved.

BIEGLO GmbH is one of the leading distributors of high performance polymers in Europe. Her PEEKportfolio includes virgin as well as recycled material, in granules or semi-finished. Furthermore BIEGLOs expertise lies in recycled and customized PET- and PP-compounds for technical moulding applications.

Source: BIEGLO

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