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TE Connectivity HDC Thermoplastic Locking Levers Significantly Reduce Cost for Industrial Applications

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TE Connectivity (TE), a world leader in connectivity and sensors, has extended its portfolio of heavy duty connectors (HDCs) with a new range of cost-effective thermoplastic locking levers, which are ideal for industrial applications that do not require stainless steel enclosures. Because of this, the HDC thermoplastic locking levers achieve significant cost savings while delivering the same level of performance as full metal levers.

TEs HDC thermoplastic locking levers robust design provides excellent IP65 ingress protection, as well as vibration and shock resistance. They are easy to handle and can be mounted either on the hood or on the housing for maximum flexibility. Made of industrial thermoplastic, they help to reduce corrosion and are simple to exchange without any tools. Operating temperatures range from minus 45 degrees Celsius to 125 degrees Celsius.

Fully compatible with already available hoods from TEs HDC IP65 product series, these lightweight variant levers require reduced retention force during locking and unlocking operations, making the mating process more user-friendly. The movable locking mechanism lifetime lasts a minimum of 100 mating cycles. Maintenance is very easy due to the availability of spare locking levers, which are sold separately.

Ewa Bazior, product manager for the Industrial Solutions segment at TE said: Our new HDC thermoplastic locking levers are ideally suited for machinery and robotic equipment interconnections, control cabinets, cable assemblies, cabinets and other indoor applications e.g. machinery, robotic transmission of power but also industrial/plant usage where they will deliver an excellent performance. The tool-less installation is an additional bonus, saving further costs on time and labor.

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