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New guidance system halves changeover time

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The reliable and versatile Z.PACK 6 11 blister packaging machines by ZAHORANSKY are fitted with a new guidance system. With the new guidance system, changeover times from one blister format to another can be reduced by approximately 50%. This means that the changeover process only takes half as long. It saves vast amounts of time, which noticeably reduces downtimes and therefore costs when frequently changing formats.

The various stations of the Z.PACK 6 11 machines can now be maneuvered along the entire line in a flexible and gridless manner in just a few steps. This can be done via continuous guide rails that are mounted along both sides along the entire length of the machines chain. These rails have guide carriages affixed to them which the individual stations are positioned upon. The Z.PACK 4 and 5 machines can also be equipped with the new guidance system. The helpful system is available as an additional unit for these machines.

Frequent format changes are becoming more common for customers. A format change often requires adjustment of the individual stations. The new guidance system allows to effortlessly adjust even the heaviest stations by a single operator. This is made possible by the ball-bearing guides which are on the guide rails.

Alternatively, the individual stations can be variably and individually adjusted via servo drive. This offers the advantage of unmanned automation: all track parameters are set at the control panel and the various stations on the guide rails move fully automatic.

Excellent accessibility by generously dimensioned machine guard doors with wide opening angles support the short setup times. Also, changing the sample parts is easy thanks to the quick-change systems requiring no tools. Depending on the format, a format change can be completed within just 30 minutes. This is a major advantage especially for contract packers having to cope with many different formats.

For every product to be packed ZAHORANSKY offers an appropriate plant. Z.PACK 4 and Z.PACK 5 are particularly compact. They are the number one choice if little space is available and low investment costs are required. The maximum format area of both these machines is 192 x 290 mm with a drawing depth of 40 mm. Optionally, 60 mm is possible. The performance is up to 20 cycles per minute.

The maximum format area in the larger packaging machines Z.PACK 6 to Z.PACK 11 is 282 x 290 mm and the maximum drawing depth is 40 mm, optionally 60 mm. These machines reach a capacity of as many as 25 cycles per minute.

The stations feature a standard pneumatic drive, with the option of installing the latest in servo engineering which offers substantial benefits in energy savings. Energy measurement functions provide extra protection for the cutting tools against damage caused by wrongly inserted products. If required, the sealing station can also be fitted with servo motors for better and more individual processes.

The new Z.PACK line is the ideal packaging machine for all non-food products such as stationery, batteries, tools, adhesives, lighting appliances, electrical components, toilet cleaners and many more. The Z.PACK machines are also the perfect choice for cosmetic and hygiene products.

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