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 EVENTSEVENTS. Plastic Pipes and Fittings 2016 - International Conference
08 Apr - 08 Apr 2016  Russia, Moscow  
Plastic Pipes and Fittings 2016 - International Conference

Plastic Pipes and Fittings 2016 - International Conference

In recent years, the forecasts by the majority of market players in plastic pipes segment were becoming more and more pessimistic. However, the results of 2015 proved to be even worse than expected. The crisis developed as the demand collapsed through cutting down the government-funded programs to replace worn-out pipelines, the main consumption segment in Russia. Many projects in the new construction sector, another large consumer of pipe products, have been also stopped or suspended.

Implications for production volumes have arrived already: one of the largest pipe plants was shut down, and a new series of consolidation is on the way for producers of plastic pipes. In such an environment, small companies will not survive, while the industry majors will have to tighten their belts for an indefinite period. Nobody speaks about stagnation anymore; the forecasts are discussing the depth of further market recession. The crisis will certainly be accompanied by the sharp increase in the share of substitute products, bringing along the risk of pipeline accidents.

However, significant changes in the industry are always an opportunity for the players not only to prove their viability, but also to improve the market position. What is the strategy to be followed to achieve this, and what market niches will bring success amid the ongoing difficulties, - these are the key questions to be answered at the forthcoming conference.

Discussion will also cover the following topics:
• Russian and global markets of plastic pipes.
• Feedstock supply in the market: availability and assortment.
• Import and export of raw materials and finished products.
• Government programs aimed at pipeline systems replacement.
• Infrastructure for housing services and utilities: problems in the sector and solutions offered.
• Development of new products and the shortage of feedstock.
• Overview of polypropylene pipes segment.
• Overview of PVC pipes segment.
• Fittings market. Structure and development trends.

INVENTRA is delighted to welcome to the event all the parties interested in the development of the industry. The format of the Conference assists in taking correct investment decisions by every participant.
Address:Hotel «Baltschug Kempinski Moscow», Hall «Moscow»
Phone:+7 (495) 797-49-07
Website : Plastic Pipes and Fittings 2016 - International Conference E-mail : Plastic Pipes and Fittings 2016 - International Conference

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