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01 Dec - 01 Dec 2016  Russia, Moscow  

"PVC. Results of the Year 2016" - International Conference

The year of 2016 has failed to meet the expectations of PVC market participants in full. Significant reduction of feedstock imports and expansion of local supply should have had a positive impact on the Russian market. It was assumed that PVC converters would comfortably purchase raw materials for rubles avoiding currency risks; while producers of resin, spurred by potential growth of demand, would target niches yielded by importers and would invest in capacity expansions.

The real situation in the PVC industry has proved to be different and has outlined the difficulties that have yet to be overcome. Construction and infrastructure, which traditionally consume the main part of PVC products, are amid crisis. Rise in interest rates and limited access to loans are undermining the financials of construction companies; the purchasing power of end-consumers is also decreasing. As a consequence, the total market capacity is lower, which compensates the missing volumes of imports. Russian producers of feedstock are now satisfying the local demand almost in full, and they can establish market rules as the competition fades away.

Lower demand and growing production costs expose Russian PVC converters to difficulties. What should be done to survive in the falling market? Which segments of PVC converting are not affected by the crisis of demand? Are there application areas where opportunities would grow in future? – These are the key issues of the forthcoming Conference.

The following topics will be discussed at «PVC. Results of the Year 2016» Conference:

• PVC markets in Russia and globally
• Volumes and structure of PVC production
• Market capacity and trends in demand
• Volumes and structure of import
• Price situation in Russian and foreign PVC markets
• Main segments of PVC resin consumption: overview and development trends
• Prospects for development of new products and opportunities for expansion of application areas
• Investment attractiveness in various sectors of PVC converting
• Risk assessment and diversification of production

The annual PVC conference brings together all representatives of the industry: producers; main converters providing in total 80% of demand for PVC resin in Russia; trading and distribution, investment and engineering companies.
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