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 EVENTSEVENTS. Plastics of Central Asia 2016 - International Forum
23 Sep - 23 Sep 2016  Kazakhstan, Astana  
Plastics of Central Asia 2016 - International Forum

Plastics of Central Asia 2016 - International Forum

«Plastics of Central Asia 2016» Forum – is a strategically important event devoted to the role of Central Asia in general and Kazakhstan in particular as a future center for production and consumption of polymers. The governments of the Central Asian countries are focused on the strategic goal of switching from exporting raw hydrocarbons to developing downstream, and to promoting innovative plastics industry as a factor for success of priority national projects.

The following topics will be discussed at «Plastics of Central Asia 2016» Forum:
  • Overview of plastics and plastics converting markets in Central Asia: trends, prospects, and opportunities.
  • Interdependence of markets in Russia, China and Central Asia.
  • Co-operation between the Government and the business: development plans to 2020 and strategies to 2030; supporting new projects; technical regulation.
  • Attracting investment: what is necessary to realize polymer production and plastics converting projects? Existing tools for attracting industrial private investment and the role of the Government and the banking system.
  • Plastics production: plans of the largest market players, development of the product line, interaction with plastics converting companies.
  • Plastics converting: what capacities are about to be launched in the nearest future? What are the challenges that the existing converting companies are facing now in procuring feedstock or equipment, and what are the success hints for the future?
  • Plastics consumption: market overview and development outlook for key consumption segments, - construction, infrastructure, automotive industry, packaging, consumer goods.

INVENTRA invites all the market players to get involved: producers, converting companies, industrial consumers, government agencies, representatives of engineering, trading, service, logistics and investment companies, financial institutions and other parties interested in the development of the plastics industry.
Address:Hotel Marriott Astana, Republic of Kazakhstan
Phone:+7 (495) 797-49-07
Website : Plastics of Central Asia 2016 - International Forum E-mail : Plastics of Central Asia 2016 - International Forum

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